Biography of Madhubala – Madhubala Dard Ka Safar 

madubala Bookcover -webBiography of Madhubala – Madhubala Dard Ka Safar  : Madhubala stands for boundless beauty, it also stands for limitless pain. A biography of this eternal beauty has been published by SACHI PRAKASHAN. ‘Madhubala: Dard ka safar’ is the first biography of Madhubala in Hindi and is written by prestigious Bhartendu Harishchandra award winner Sushila Kumari, who has revisited the painful side of Madhubala’s journey in her biography, ‘Madhubala is generally remembered for her matchless beauty and seductive smile but very few people know that her life was full of pain and struggle. This book contains 200  pages and 15 chapters .

Biography of Madhubala

Book Name:         Madhubala – Dard Ka Safar

Publisher Name:   Sachi Prakashan

Author Name:      Sushila Kumari

Price: Rs. 170.00

ISBN – 81-904097-2-7

Pages : 200

Chapters : 15

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