Rejove Clinique Trained the Participants of the Miss Indian Diva 2017

Miss Indian Diva wDr. Priyanka Goyat, who is well-known dentist, skin expert and the co-founder of Rejove Clinique conducted a grooming session for the participants of Miss Indian Diva 2017.

Rejove Cliniquewhich is a personalized treatment centre for dental problems, skin ailments and face deformities was the official ‘Smile and Skin’ partner of Miss Indian Diva 2017. During the special grooming session at Dr.Priyanka provided invaluable tips on keeping the teeth healthy and smile glowing, whereas, Dr. Sandeep spoke on various routine habits that play a pivotal role in enriching the skin of a person.

 Miss Indian Diva 2The 3 hrs grooming session held at the Country Inn, New Delhi, where 14 contestants were present to attend the session, including the wild card entry Miss Rajasthan. Apart from providing tips on beautiful teeth and smile, she also trained the contestants on various other personality traits such as how to carry your smile, how to carry your attitude with your outfit, table etiquettes and manners, health & hygiene tips, and managing stress during the event.

Dr.Priyanka Goyat concluded the grooming session with a very meaningful statement, she said, “A beautiful smile requires white, shiny, and perfect teeth, and it is the smile that transpires confidence. Confidence is the real power of a model and without it; no one can achieve success despite having a perfect physique and facial beauty. So, one should never compromise with the dental and oral health to succeed in the fashion & beauty industry.”

While interacting with the contestants of the beauty pageant, ace dermatologist of Rejove Clinique, Dr. Sandeep said, “Sedentary lifestyle is the major cause of growing skin problems among youths, but proper attention and right consultation can bring back the softness, suppleness, and shine of the healthy skin. It’s always advisable to follow the advice of an expert dermatologist rather than pursuing the baseless suggestion of your friends.”

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