Mother’s Temple inaugurated on International Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Temple on the bank of Yamuna River

New Delhi, May 15. Marking the occasion of International Mother’s Day, a senior bureaucrat Mr. Gowri Shankarinaugurated a temple dedicated to his mother and father on the bank of Yamuna in New Delhi.

He has been undertaking the construction of the same for many months.  A statue of his mother and his father, who is sitting in a meditative posture, was unveiled yesterday.  A statute of Shri Sai Baba is also built in this temple.

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Mr. Gowri Shankar and other family members are performing puja

“This temple is not just a temple for my mother but it is a dedication to all mothers living on this Earth,” said Gowri Shankar. Shri Gowri Shankar is a deputy secretary in Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi.

On this occasion, Trustee of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Shri.Vipin Dada Kolheand a number of bureaucrats were also present. Melodious Songs/Bahamans exclusively on mother and Sahibabad were also presented by Visual.

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